With over 20 years experience developing software professionally, Nine Oaks has been involved in numerous projects. We have performed services for large well-known companies such as Symantec, Creative Wonders, and Microsoft. We've worked with government organizations like the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. We've also written software for smaller companies and individuals.

Most Recent Projects (click the images for more information)

Tribal Assistance Manager Tribal Assistance Manager is a client-server application written to help Native American tribal governments manage the many assistance programs they offer. As a complete turn-key solution, Tribal Assistance Manager is currently installed in tribes across the United States.
Inspect Web InspectWeb is an internet-based tool written to assist Housing Authorities with the scheduling, communication and management of the home maintenance inspection process. InspectWeb manages the workflow and communication for Housing Authority inspectors from the initial request for service through final project completion.
EVisionWeb EVisionWeb is an online asset management system designed for enterprise customers who need better tracking and management of their assets. EVisionWeb was designed to provide the enterprise manager with tools for tracking the many aspects of managing a enterprise network.
Online Church Management Software Churchhand is online church management software offered by Nine Oaks.  Entirely internet based, church staff and volunteers can manage their congregationís data whenever they need it, from wherever they are.

Web Sites

At Nine Oaks, we've helped design and develop numerous web sites. The list below shows a few of the sites we've been involved with.
Choctaw Nation Child Care Assistance
Southern Plains Indian Housing Association
Mail-Tech, LLC.
Mike Bailey Quarter Horses
Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Durant OK
Sundance Technologies, Inc.

Additional Projects

FinancePro FinancePro is the leading developer of web-based premium finance software. Their products provide online quoting and account management for insurance premium finance companies throughout the United States. Nine Oaks performed contract programming services as part of the development team for their web-based software.
Bliss & Glennon Bliss & Glennon, Inc. is an insurance agency based in Redondo Beach, California. Nine Oaks was hired to create and support an online insurance policy quoting and application processing system to augment their existing web site.
Learning Manager TPC Learning Manager is a comprehensive learning management system designed specifically for the industrial technical training environment. Nine Oaks developed this stand-alone product under contract with Adaptive Concepts, Inc.
Fast Stat
Written for Dr. George Collier, Adjunct Professor at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, FastStat is a simple but powerful statistical analysis program designed to give students access to high-end calculations.
CIMC Catalog An online catalog of curriculum and resources for vocational teachers offered by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. Nine Oaks was hired to create the e-commerce catalog and integrate it with the department's existing web site.
Creative Wonders A division of The Learning Company, Creative Wonders developed educational and entertaining software including titles based on Schoolhouse Rock and the animated character Arthur. Nine Oaks performed various contract programming services for Creative Wonders including primary development work on the Photo Creations and Family Album Creator titles, and creating demo versions of other titles.
Wireless Services Wireless Services Corporation provides services for wireless communications, including email messaging and real-time sports news and information delivered direct to alphanumeric pagers and PCS phones. Nine Oaks was hired to provide contract programming services in support of these products.
OBTdotcom Nine Oaks was a partner in developing a wireless inventory tracking and service call system built using Psion handheld computers for office equipment service personnel.
BoatNet Nine Oaks was hired to update an existing classified advertising website that targeted boating enthusiasts to current internet technologies.
Microsoft Nine Oaks provided contract programming services in the development of utilities to detect prior installation of Microsoft programs that required Y2K updates and the development of sample programs for Electronic Bill Presentment System showing how a new system was to be integrated with existing legacy systems.