Why Us?

In these days of technology overload, it seems like just about anybody can create a web site. We all know of someone, a nephew or a friend-of-a-friend perhaps, who is good with computers. Perhaps they can build a webpage for you. But what happens to your site (and your business) when your needs outgrow the ability of your provider? Will your product represent your company to the best advantage? Would you like to do something more than your current provider can handle?


Nine Oaks Technology is a professional software engineering company. We have been creating software, not just webpages, for over 20 years. We have experience with complex internet applications, eCommerce applications, web sites, large corporate environments, retail product development, and more. Nine Oaks Technology was incorporated in 1996 to offer contract programming services to retail software development companies and today offers this same level of software engineering experience and ability to small and medium-sized businesses.


Any structure is only as sturdy as the foundation on which it sits. At Nine Oaks Technology, we provide a solid footing for the products we deliver through a strength in fundamentals of software design. Rather than simply slap something together that will work for now, we'll create a product you can be proud of. Referrals are important in this business, and the only way to gather high-quality referrals is to provide high-quality service and ensure that our clients are thoroughly satisfied.


By applying quality technique against well-understood tasks, we consistently deliver exceptional products in a short amount of time. We understand the tools, we understand the technology, we understand the project; and by doing so, we deliver results quickly.